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Gransfors Bruks Wildlife hatchet review

After a lot of research, I decided that it was time to get a new hatchet. Even though it cost more than I thought it would, I love it. The looks of this hatchet really need to be appreciated. I really wanted this hatchet to use for camping and some general yard work and for its actual use, it really excels.


This is one of the best looking hatchets out there. It is really ergonomic and the handle is really smooth and easy to grip. Even after using for a really long time, it was still comfortable to be used for longer, but my arm started to get tired. The head geometry was perfect for carving and limbing. It is also fine enough to use for some carving details.

It is made of a really durable steel, and it doesn’t take a lot to give it a really great edge. So far, after the abuse I have put it through, it hasn’t chipped. The leather mask that it comes with, is really of a great quality and it is perfect. Besides paying the super high price, it is really cheap compared to other quality fixed blades. It was easy to switch out my larger knives for this hatchet.


Another thing that I loved about it, is that it is made using “green” techniques. That made me more willing to purchase this hatchet. It is actually signed by the person who made the hatchet, so that proves that each one will be different.


Overall, this is a really great tool to use daily or just when you decide that you want to head off into the woods for that survival training.