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Fiskars x7 review

Out of all of the hatchets that I have picked in the past, I never thought that the best one that I would own would be the Fiskars X7. I purchased this for just some general camping use. The one thing that you will notice right off, is that it is dull when it is shipped to you, but that I believe is for safety reasons. It didn’t take me very long to put a nice edge on it that I could do some chopping with. The handle is made from fibercomp, which is nice so you don’t have to worry about the elements rotting your handle, or it causing it to rust or worry about damage to the shaft. The handle on it was easy to grip.


It didn’t have a lot of shock transfer when you strike something unlike other types of hatchets that have steel or wood handles. I have no idea if this is an intentional design feature, but it really makes it a better experience and it isn’t as tiring when you have been out there hiking all day and you just want to chop up a bit of wood for a nice fire that you can cook your food on. I was actually surprised at just how nice it chopped, which made short work of some pretty thick branches and it didn’t need a lot of effort to do either.


The other thing that I loved about this one was the sheath that it came with. It is made from plastic. It does a great job of protecting the handle.


Overall, this is a great hatchet for those who enjoy being outdoors.