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Estwing hatchet review

Recently I purchased the Estwing E 24A hatchet for my last camping trip. I had realized that my old hatchet head was really loose from the handle and decided to go ahead and try something new, as I really didn’t want to hammer wedges or nails in to keep it tight. I went ahead and picked an Estwing hatchet. I really did my research on this but I just kept coming back to this one. I loved that the handle and head was literally one piece. There wasn’t a way for the head to get loose and fall off, like my other one.


Overall, I felt that this hatchet was very sturdy and strong. The handle was a great size for both mine and my wife’s hands. It has a really comfortable grip. According to other reviews, it is best to treat the leather handle before use to make it last longer instead of being shiny.


I also like the fact that the back of the head is flat, which was great for hammering in our tent stakes into the hard ground. My other hatchet has a small hammer style butt end. This one is flat but it is for the length of the butt. This actually added a larger surface which made it easier to hammer stakes in. It was a bit sharper than expected when I received it. I have decided to wait to sharpen it. I also loved that it came with a leather cover. It has some personality that doesn’t match the other hatchets out there.

I am certainly ready to take this camping.